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Welcome to our Passion

We raise beautiful family-friendly goats and pigs for you! 10 minutes from Fountain City Wisconsin, our historic farm can be the starting point for the most enjoyable and rewarding journey of your life.  Come and visit us.

Just For You

Registered Dairy and Meat Goats (Adult and Kids)  // Registered KuneKune Pigs 

Farm Pigs (Piglets, Feeders, Bred Sows)// Barn and Pasture Tours

Mentoring for New Enthusiasts 

Liam Wanting to Be a Farmer
Liam with Daisy Mae
Two Kids
Rachel by Amiee
2018-01-27 04.19.08-2
Nora Contemplating Farming
Seeing Things Eye to Eye
Trixie 2018
Sue's Goats
National Pig Day
Piglet and Basketball
Farms from Jakes Bluff Fall 2006
Bristol and Babies
Flower Valley
Bam Bam
Alert PIglet Outside
Baby Goat in Barn
Laurel Looking Intently
Perfect for Hobby Farms
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